Print & Publishing

Deltak. Sellsheet design. Advanced Word Templates.

SXC Health Solutions: Brochure design and art direction, image research

The Extraordinary Contraptions
CD book design. Extensive Photoshop work including creation of entire interior scene (band photography by Thomas Dodd). Typography, Layout.

CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy: Program rebranding/retargeting initiative. Complete creative direction, logo and graphic design. Illustrator: Carri Tonn

SXC Health Solutions: Microsoft Word templates for newsletters

WorldScapes. Rebranding Campaign. Cast models, photo selection, photo shoot direction, extensive Photoshop work, table design, campaign design.

ETA/Cuisenaire. 100+ page catalog. Art direction, cast models, extensive advanced Photoshop work, photo shoot direction, trained and supervised freelancers.

Author Laura Anne Gilman. Book cover and promotional bookmarks for Sylvan Investigations series.

NeonCon Las Vegas. Print advertising, sellsheets, marketing collateral. Mascot illustrations by Brian Judy and Leanne Buckley.

Nightfall Publications: Paperback book cover designs (Typography, Photoshop work and Layout). Illustrations provided by client.

White Wolf Publishing: Mage Noir, eBook. Template design and layout.

Smallville: Roleplaying Game. Art & Creative Director. Template and cover design and production.
(Smallville™ & © DC Comics. All Rights Reserved)

Leverage: The Roleplaying Game. Art & Creative Director. (Template concept and cover by Fred Hicks)

Margaret Weis Productions
Smallville: High School Yearbook. Art & Creative Director. Template and cover design and production. ENnie nominated - Best Production Values. (Smallville™ & © DC Comics. All Rights Reserved)

Razor Coast RPG book. Logo, cover, and template design and art direction. Illustrations provided by client.